Tone Hawk Profiles Volume 1  - Our complete pack of 56 profiles featuring various combinations of the gear listed below. Eight of these profiles are featured in our Vol. 1 demo video.

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* All profiles are in the Kemper "studio profile" format and were created using FW 3.0 and thus require that you have FW 3.0 or later installed on your Kemper Profiling Amplifier. 


  • Marshall '68 Small box 50 watt Plexi - Vintage, straight from the UK, all original w/ Mullard EL-34's. *
  • Divided By 13 FTR37 - Early model from when Fred was still building them one by one, out of his back yard workshop! Huge full tones & tons of bottom.
  • Victoria 20112 Tweed Combo w/ 12" Jensen speaker -  An authentic hand built clone of the classic Fender Tweed combo*
  • Divided By 13 JRT 9/15 - A super versatile, modern day classic amp, with the ability to switch between EL-84 or 6V6 tubes. Great Vox and Fender tones.
  • Fender Champ 70's Silverface Combo w/ 8" Jensen speaker - Beautiful old school Fender tones from this small but mighty combo.

External Cabs:

  • Blockhead 4X12 - A rare & authentic reproduction of an early Marshall 412 style, straight closed back cab, loaded w/ Celestion G12H. *
  • Divided By 13 2X12 - Celestion G12H30 and a Celestion Alnico Blue speaker, with both open and closed back options.
  • Bogner Cube 1X12 - A closed back and ported cab w Celestion G12H30.  


  • Lovepedal COT - Very early version in project box - Rich and responsive driven tones. *
  • Prescription Electronics Experience Pedal - Rare, discontinued, early hand wired, swirl paint version. A beautifully unsettling Fuzz pedal.
  • Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face - The original, real deal! The blue vintage fuzz from England w/ original BC108 transistors. *
  • Divided By 13 Switchhazel w/ Lift Boost - A very big transparent boost that just sounds great!
  • Fulltone Soulbender - Early version in the big box. Big fat tone. Mike's take on the classic Colorsound ToneBender.
  • B.K. Butler Tube Driver - Original, handmade version. Thick and warm. A key component to  Eric Johnson violin tones. 
  • Providence SOV-2 - The custom shop version. Low to medium gain overdrive, smooth!
  • Xotic SL-Drive - Great little drive pedal for modern gain/distortion tones.
  • Timmy Pedal - The classic original, transparent overdrive. Early version.     
  • Nobels ODR-1 - A Nashville studio favorite overdrive pedal. Big low end, dynamic and feels good to play.
  • Menatone Red Snapper - Early, big box, hand wired version. A nice, grainy medium drive.


  • Shure SM57 - The classic guitar dynamic mic, gotta have it.
  • Royer R-121 -  Another classic. The ribbon mic often paired with the 57.
  • Cascade Fathead II w/ Lundahl transformer - A modern day ribbon mic capable of handling high SPL.  
  • Wunder Audio CM7 FET- The Austin based boutique mic company's take on the famous and iconic FET47 condenser mic.  

Mic Pre's:

  • A variety of boutique pre's based on the classic Neve & API flavors. Including Chandler and Warm Audio.

* selected Amp/Pedals profiled from the collection of Brad Fernquist. A Los Angeles based tour/session guitarist, songwriter, producer currently on tour with the Goo Goo Dolls.